Help for under-resourced, over-worked Admissions Teams

Today’s lead generation happens almost exclusively online. At best, reps spend countless hours trying to contact and persuade passive inquiries. Stringent disclosure regulations mean that pricing, schedule and outcome information is all readily available online. Review sites and social media allow anyone with an opinion to shape the conversation about your school.

All of which creates hurdles that prevent potential students from ever contacting your school. And if they do, they can lose interest minutes after filling our your "request information" form.

The Virtual Admissions Adviser is a web-based admissions automation software that helps marketing and admissions teams engage prospects throughout the admissions funnel.

How it Works

The Virtual Admissions Adviser uses multiple "pathways" into your funnel. (A "Pathway" is a particular quiz, questionnaire or survey a prospect would fill out.) These pathways are promoted in your various marketing and admissions efforts: Website, thank you pages, links in nurture emails, career fairs, prospect visits, etc. The pathways are designed to move a prospect through to the next step in the Admissions funnel.

Virtual Admissions Adviser screenshots

The New "Non-Linear" Admission Process

The Internet has done away with the lead – tour – start model. Prospects now have abundant avenues to evaluate your school. VAA gives prospects tools to do their research while enhancing the relationship with your brand. So far software has helped to make Admissions teams more efficient. "Speed to call," "contact automation," and "texting platforms" help reps respond faster and in a more orchestrated way - but these tools do very little to solve the core problem. Informed consumers need reasons to engage with you. They don’t want to be sold.


Capture prospect info in real-time

Information entered by the prospect is captured in real-time, so Admissions staff can view a prospect’s complete profile to get insight into their strengths, ambitions, concerns, support systems and more before the interview. This gives your team valuable understanding that allows them to better connect with each prospect one-on-one.

Capture prospect info in real-time

Customize your content

Our system was built from the ground up with the ability to customize content to your school’s unique advantages. In fact, the Virtual Admissions is a true platform that allows you to create unlimited marketing & admissions pathways into your school, to allow you to connect with prospective students like never before. Use it to create customized, branded and relevant content that highlights the engagement point you want to emphasize.

Customize your content

Campaign tracking

With the built-in campaign dashboard, you can track exactly where every click comes from. The system even allows you to create custom tagging, allowing marketing teams deep insight into what tactics are driving usage and generating tour request. It’s an ideal tool for data-driven marketing teams.

Customize your content

Analyze your prospects

The Virtual Admissions Adviser is also a powerful data analysis tool. The system automatically aggregates answers your prospects have given, so you can see at a glance characteristics of your prospects - the programs that are most in demand, what percentage of your prospects are not working, the key features that are most fake rolex attractive to your market. This allows your marketing team to better target communication to your unique market.

Customize your content

Get in-depth insight about your prospect

With VAA you get important insights into your prospective students: Their hopes and dreams, goals, barriers, supporters, even their "social style", so your admissions team can better connect with what is really driving the education buying decision. No more casting around with a reluctant prospect on the phone trying to figure out what makes them tick. They give you the insight you need to have a real conversation about their career path and "life after graduation."

Get in-depth insight about your prospect

Built for mobile

The platform has a responsive user-interface designed to work seamlessly on all devices. So whether your user is on an iPhone, iPad, Android or a desktop, your content shows flawlessly.

Get in-depth insight about your prospect

Integrates with Industry-Leading CRM Systems

Virtual Admissions Adviser integrates with industry-leading CRM system such as CampusVue,, Velocify, Stars, and others.

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