Teams Love It

"My Admissions Advisers get excited when they see a VAA lead come in" Nate Clake, CCNN

Why Marketers Love It

  • Creates additional lead generation pathways in your existing marketing, increasing “self-generated” leads
  • Adds value to thank you pages by automatically moving prospects down the admissions funnel
  • Gives website a unique advantage over competitors
  • Generates extremely high qualified leads that reps love

Why Admissions Teams Love It

  • More insight into the motivations of prospects
  • Detailed profile of prospect that builds out over multiple engagement points
  • Differentiates your school from competitors and adds value to the sales process
  • Prospects request a tour from you, less chasing, more meaningful conversations

Why DOAs Love It

  • Customizable content that can be perfectly fit to your organization's processes and culture
  • Differentiates your school from competitors and adds value to the Admissions process

Why Prospective Students Love It

  • Freedom & flexibility to get information on their terms
  • Interactive – they control the experience
  • Personalized to their interests
  • Feeling of being proactive, making positive advancement
  • Values their time – more meaningful interactions with Admissions

Compliance Approved by Experts

The Virtual Admissions Adviser has been carefully reviewed by multiple compliance experts to ensure it meets regulatory requirements.

"By standardizing the content of your admissions process, the Virtual Admissions Adviser tool is an excellent means for ensuring structured, consistent, and compliant practices in Admissions." David Canaski, President, FA Experts